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Nostalgia Magick

An invitation to a reunion. It's the universe's way of inviting you to indulge in Nostalgia Magick if you so choose. Nostalgia magick is like time travel where you can soothe, encourage or forgive a younger version of yourself (and the people/events in your life at that time). Reflection is a way to see how far you've come, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, not just physically which most people obsess over and end up not participating in such delightful engagements when asked because they don't LOOK a certain way anymore. Agreeing to meet up with coworkers from over a dozen years ago for a "modern mega rock reunion" across the country was just what I needed to realize: I was everything I was always searching for. You see, this recent go round the sun (sparing you the details) has been one hell of a year.

And right before my birthday, when the reunion invite popped in, my soul battery needed a charge. It felt like I needed something, anything to remind me of my victories, something more tangible than meditation on a full moon. And since January I kept saying,

"I want to go to California. I need to see the Pacific Ocean."

The Mega Modern Rock Reunion was the first of its kind. LIVE 105, the alternative station I worked for nearly a decade in my 20's-30's had "died" a few years back. And I'd been having reoccurring dreams about working there and not being able to find a place to live.

I also dreamt of my boss and the program director (who both are passed away) several times and woke me in tears. So, to say this space/time was haunting me would be correct. The station was resurrected and the reunion came out of left field. An invite came late August for October. Could I possibly swing it, being the busiest time of the year? I'm so glad to have taken the chance, to have said yes. For so many reasons I could or shouId have said no. But saying yes let me get reacquainted with a friend who was dubbed my "twin". We shared a hotel room, meals and dozens of hysterical memories. That kind of laughter is a natural defibrillator and just what my heart needed. I got to spend time with a friend who always is up for an adventure and also share space with a handful I haven't seen in well, forever. (I'm giving gliterry cliff notes) Spending quite a bit of time of myself - listening, to every version of every woman I ever was and to the woman I've become while I walked the streets of San Francisco remembering songs, smells, spaces and places I used to exist. I felt plugged back in. I called in all of the parts of me from all space and time that I forgot I occupied. It was grand medicine.

Then the world blew up. But just before I realized it did, I read an email that said 'You are the Love that you seek, the Mystery you seek, the Purpose you seek'. Wise words from Kathe Izzo, The Love Artist. I held on to them as they were the inspiration to share the transmutation that took place inside me. I wanted to be inspiration for anyone to say YES to Nostalgia Magick. Becuase it's potent and maybe even necessary for even deeper growth.

I wrote the above sentiments over a week ago. Since then so many things have changed. It's been hard to hit publish on a inspirational / happy post when there's so much terror and tragedy in our faces and too many people have too many opinions - there's no need to add mine - which means NOTHING. My father also has been on life support this entire past week. His heart operating at 20% & pnuemonia and a handful of other things working against him. I want so much to hold a peace vigil for Isreal & Palestine but my heart feels like it's being held together with shitty dollar store scotch tape.

My loves, the world is burning. Take, MAKE the magic where you can. Breathe it in and relish it. Rest where you can. Hydrate. Remember the good times and laugh hard and as often and as much as you possibly can. Oh and let the music soothe your soul. If the world gets too loud, dance it out. Life is all the things. Especially fucking unprectible.

Protect your heart but keep it wild.

My love to you.


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