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New Moon in Libra Friday, October 16 Straighten your altar. Light incense, bay leaves or sage & do a ceremonial sweep of your living space, your aura, if only in your mind. Mop the floors & throw a little Florida water or rosemary in the bucket. Put flowers in the corners of all the rooms of your home or your heart. Open all the windows. Deep breath in. Breathe.

If you have time, stretch. (Like tonight in F**K it Yoga). If you don't have the time, do it in your mind. Feel your body, go through each limb & open it. You could be taking a shower, or it could be the last half hour in bed. Stretch. Occupy all the molecules, red blood cells & white blood cells. Be. This is your activated prayer. And while you're stretching: Receive. Everything (I swear, every single thing) in life in this moment is a message, a gift. At every moment the divine, your beloved, the universe, is doing it's absolute best to GIVE you something. What is it? Don't think you know better (or roll your eyes at me). Be present. Look the gifts in the eye. Receive. Spend the last day of this lunar cycle  (tonight/tomorrow) in contemplation. WRITE. A lot of us are burnt out in this time of rapid global change and unrest. We are overwhelmed, afraid, and discouraged.  (I am all of these things!) With so much uncertainty and division manifesting itself, I wanted to share with you 3 important truths to remember as we continue to navigate this muckety muck. Think of these truths like a set of beliefs that have the power to support you in staying clear, connected, and masterful at riding the waves of change. Try 'em on (or write about them) today. Take notice of how /and if they shift your state of being in a positive way.

  1. We are all connected & united in goodness. We are all good and we are connected to each other through the intelligent power of goodness. Thinking negatively of others, judging them or the circumstances, hold a lower vibration and narrows the realm of infinite possibilities. It also keeps transformation from happening. We are all connected and as divisive and separate as we may seem, this remembrance can help begin bridging us together again.

  2. As within so without This one can seem a bit out there, stay with me! Everything manifesting outside of us, is present within us. (Gulp). Our bodies hold sacred wisdom and also the infinite possibilities of the universe.  Many of us grew up believing that we are not whole, that we're flawed. There is a deeper part of us that knows this is false & understands we're infinite beings. These polar opposite beliefs, creates division within ourselves. In order to heal division and bring unity to the outside world, we need to first actively heal the division within ourselves. It is important to look within, for wisdom and healing. We have limited control over the outside world, but when we do the inner work things shift around us. Resist the desire/struggle to change others (even your spouse/kids). Don't bypass or condone serious issues or behaviors. Rather, make a commitment to seeing deeper than the surface drama and into the deeper wound at the core of the issue, then address the issue from the lens of wisdom and compassion. This is & will be more effective.

  3. With every death, there is rebirth. "Death" has a negative rap; but, in many parts of the world, it's celebrated because only with death can newness emerge. Death does not necessarily mean loss of life. A life well-lived is full of micro-deaths or transformations that get us closer to the truth of who we are. And really, THE MEDICINE OF THE FEMININE IS ABOUT TRANSFORMATION, and in this time of universal (not just global) change, women are rising up to be leaders because we realize healing alchemy starts with ..ME. Fear and uncertainty, our resistance can cause more suffering. If you can learn to detach, become comfortable with change, a brighter future is ahead if we can surrender and trust. Within every woman exists the energy and wisdom our world needs to heal and evolve.

Use the energy and power of the New moon to lean in and Trust the divine feminine presence within your body, your intuition, and cycles of nature to do the work we were born to do.

Bend with me Tonight at F**K It yoga. Celebrate Samhain together in full moon circle at Kemmerer park, 6pm. 10/30.

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