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Monday, We Mourn.

Let's acknowledge the fear, anxiety, exhaustion, overwhelming feelz many of us, no, that most of us, are feeling right now and yes - they are beyond valid. At this time, please, maintain your meditation and self-care practice as radical spiritual and political acts. Next, it is with the deep understanding that what's happened in the last few days which appears to be "new" in our socio -political collective - is actually not new at all. The people in frontline communities who are severely suffering actually have been suffering hundreds if not thousands of years; people of color, immigrants, the unhoused, people with disabilities, the ill, those being abused in their homes & other marginalized groups, at the hands of the kyriarchy -who- command control over other people's bodies & the land itself since the dawn of civilization.

Banning abortion is a systematic way to perpetuate poverty and harm, period. And in light of recent events, it is even more clear that we've never had the freedom we've been sold in this country. If anyone's freedom(s) can be taken away, if bodily autonomy can be swiped at the whim of 9 people that do not represent the majority of "we the people', then that is not freedom or democracy. Government was designed by those in power to be able to exploit and extract other people since the beginning of time. The laws are not made for the most vulnerable. If the law forces us to give birth and the only reason, we'd be doing so is to escape extreme punishment- that is illegitimate and is NOT ladies and gentlemen, freedom. And jeez, it sure does negate us living in the 'land of the free'. So on the day that has been known to celebrate this nation's independence, we are in mourning. We mourn human rights, reproductive rights, the right to choose, the right to love freely, the right to privacy. July 4th, 6:30 pm on the steps of the Jim Thorpe Courthouse, in Carbon County or in the courthouse of your county seat or city, gather dressed head to toe in funeral attire, to mourn. And (deep breath) we know this isn't the end, right? Yeah. No, Got it. But let us give way and space enough for us to feel our feelings and grieve together as 'wailing people'. Through our grief, we'll find our anger to rise up - and fight back.

May the overturning of Roe V. Wade remind us that our most effective weapon against coercion is CARE - not for just unborn fetus's but CARE for each other, for the people who are and have been on the front lines of coercion & violence since the dawn of civilization, CARE for the unhoused, CARE for the hungry, for the displaced, for the ill, for children in cages, for the poor, CARE for the waters, the birds, the air & the land - CARE for all of US - for all of us TOGETHER. (-A. Yates, Garcia 6/25/22 ) My loves, even though we're filled gallons of rage, devastation and exhaustion, let us bend the energy of this Cancer New Moon, along with this heavy moment in time to recommit to PROTECT & to CARE for ourselves, for one another, for all of the living beings. COME TOGETHER IN THE SPACE OF CARE AND MOURNING JULY 4TH, 6:30pm, On the steps of your local courthouse. 7/4/2022 CALL TO ACTION: Calling the Wailing People, beat on your chest, sob loudly,

flail your arms, kneel in silence or sit and cry, roll on the ground in the spirit of the ancestors - women hired to wail at funerals dating back to ancient Egypt. Full funeral attire requested. Face covering, veil, suggested. Crying encouraged if you're angry, confused, sad, feeling hopeless, frustrated, grieving or feel so moved.

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