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Me & Yogi Bhajan.

The first time I met Yogi Bhajan was Summer of 2016. He arrived in a white BMW

I was test-driving in the middle of a "holy- shit, is- this -my -life?" moment.

It was eight months into the Trump presidency, I was grieving pretty hard & two months before my 4ththth birthday.

Life was dark. I was having visions of civil war on the street of New York with wicked, apocalyptic ends and didn't want to be 'Debbie downer' for everyone so I scaled back my private sessions and kept those channelings & visions to my inner circle. I felt heavy and burdened. My grief was taking a toll.

I wanted something to make me feel a little bit better, something tangible. I'd come face to face with the fact that I'd been death's mistress and she and I were now having a difficult relationship because, in my heart I wanted to break up - I wanted to live. I longed for my slate blue, 1987 325SI. Her name was Beulah. I missed Beulah. She purred when I turned her on. was my best friend & sanctuary even if for a short while during some serious "Holy Shit" moments. Beulah lit me up in a really dark place. She drove me through big changes. I needed her transformative powers, to feel them again. So I went to test drive a pretty, white newer-ish model to get the manifestation powers activated. Now, while I was driving the unfamiliar, white , 2008 325SI alone, Yogi Bhajan jumped in. I'd only had one jumper before. A JUMPER - (my definition) is a spirit that jumps into my F*ing car while I'm driving.

He stroked his beard and looked at me. He had a large purple ring. Surely this was his car? What is happening? He didn't speak telepathically, just observed. I thought 'this is a genie in the lamp type situation- my Manifestation powers are lit!'

Suddenly it got very hot in the car. I turned up the AC. It blew even more hot air. The see-through man, dressed in white with the thick black beard, white turban and the giant purple ring...gone. I turned the car around, told the guy it was broken but I was still interested.

The next day, I was in the middle of 6 things and when I stopped to catch my breath in front of my computer screen at my muggle job, I'd no idea how a purple flyer about a new Kundalini Yoga teacher training center was front and center on my screen. I immediately knew this was a special delivery & connected it to the Jumper. It was an invitation to a brand new Kundalini Yoga school in New York. The faces on the flyer would be faces I would come to reckon with.

At the same moment, the car guy called to say the car needed the heating/cooling system fixed raising the price tag $1200. When I asked why he said "finders fee". Angry & not willing to be blackmailed, Kundalini Yoga Teacher training over the BMW.

I didn't want to be angry. Or Sad. Or drowning in grief anymore. Death and grief were consuming me.

Jim drove me to NYC so we could map out the neighborhood this school was in. He loved navigating NYC and THANK GOD. Seriously. I'd be lost without him. I wasn't too excited about the looks of what we found but I was excited about the pizza place next door. Up until that point, I knew less than a handful of people who even heard of Kundalini Yoga. I had been doing it for 3 years, recommended by Gabby Bernstein. It was like drama class, dance, exercise, singing and GOD. I loved it.

Fast forward to now. I've seen Yogi Bhajan two more times since "the jump".

Once at YTT (where I learned who he was and why he was integral to Kundalini in the west) and once during my weekly devotion with The MA. This was the one, that stuck with me. Because so much spiritual stuff went down at teacher training that seeing him around the room while we were there was a no brainer for me. I also met others who could see him or had that kind of "after life" relationship with him didn't feel over dramatic in terms of him being on site.

But in August 2019, in the aura of Lions Gate, he appeared next to me at 6:24am. He seemed sullen. It was the first time he spoke directly to me. "I never meant for this to be a cult."

"I guess...I see what you're saying." I replied. He was gone.

Two months later, a book was released with multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and predatory like behavior about Yogi Bhajan. I grieved once more.

I told him never to come into my house again. I felt betrayed in a way. I heard my teachers prop him up, defending his honor without being in the room where it happened. So I write about this entire experience as a psychic medium first, a certified kundalini teacher with a Spirit Guru that gave me a new and different lens of the afterlife, spirituality and humanity in general.

If it's one thing I knew and continue to know for sure about death, she doesn't give a shit about any of the above. She is a given. She came banging on my door in December, told me she had big plans for 2020. So I shrugged my shoulders and listened. What she showed was isolating so I only shared it with a select trusted few. But surely, I would need everything I learned in KYTT to get through what was coming. At teacher training in NYC, Guru Jagat, Tej & Harijiwan kept saying we needed a strong nervous system for what was coming at us in The Aquarian Age. Boy they weren't kidding.

My friends, I'm going to wrap this story up by saying - multidimensional perspective is not an easy choice to get to when ego blocks the path. Ego is so good at creating separation, division, isolation. (Guilty) The future of community of humanity is harmony and unity. The future is also not set in stone. We must bridge the divide, ghosts along for the ride or not. Death culls now. She is the one true guarantee. Don't be a garbage person. Take. a leap of faith every once in a while and do what you can for multidimensional perspective. Critical thinking & intuition is a gateway, but your actions oh man, they can leave an indelible mark.

XO M PS I also feel like I want to leave this here:

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