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Mabon Rituals & Wishes

This weekend is Witches Thanksgiving. Mabon is the beginning of Fall, the autumn equinox. I know I'm not alone when I say, it's the most wonderful time of the wheel! As we journey into darkness together, let's let go of the chaos of summer and prepare to make our homes and lives cozy for the days to come. Extra blankets. Simmer pots. Pumpkin every-thang. & if the P word is not your thing, you may want to try Hot Cocoa with Tahini & Cardamom. Recipe here. This holiday is really great for contemplating how over the next few months you will draw your energy inward and nourish yourself especially among the "hustle & bustle" of end of year holidays. How will you remind yourself or remember to get quiet and still and become inwardly present no matter what is going on around you, weather, family, socio-political happenings. This weekend, maybe take some time and journal about gathering all your energy back to you - the parts that got shuffled around with the end of summer/start of school or that just feel ungrounded.

And maybe treat yourself and family or friends to a Mabon Charcuterie Board

Here are a few items you can put on it.

  • fruit: apple slices, dried apricots, dried cranberries, pear slices

  • nuts: salted cashews, almonds, spicy pecans, cinnamon-sugar walnuts.

  • cheeses: Swiss, brie, Manchego, Havarti, gouda, sharp cheddar, stilton, etc.

  • meats: salami, smoked sausage, prosciutto, and cured meats of all kinds

  • crackers

  • local honey and jam.

Don’t forget to offer a lovely red or white wine to go with your Mabon foods. Finally, The Witches High Tea is fast approaching. Tickets are still available for both Saturday and Sunday. This weekend only, tickets come with your 2024 Numerology & a one card pull from one of our 3 tarot readers on site. Snag them here. I hope you have a great weekend. Perhaps we'll see each other out apple picking. All my love - Michelle

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