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I'm not afraid of your ghosts.

I'm not afraid of you either. (Big love & hugs). I will say that there have been a fuck ton of dead cats around - the entire neighborhood; my house, retail shops & eateries near by. Posted it on FB and others attested to seeing the hairless, body-less kittys as well.

How's your weekend? Eclipsing, releasing, Scorpio Lunar vibes? WOOOOOWZA.

Happy the cats are here to protect us. For sure.

SIDEBAR: This is helping - turned up all the loud....dancing feet on.

I've had quite a time turning people in mourning away in regards to mediumship. It's not something I'm excited to do. It's not easy. I'm not an asshole. Some people would beg to differ and that's ok. I accept it. It all makes me cry. I'm sad for them, I'm sad in general. Grief is painful and most of all, I fucking HATE it. But I don't want to talk to your ghosts. I don't want to know how they died. I don't want to feel that energy in my body or near it. I don't want the energy of death around me anymore, period. It's super fucking selfish of me, yes I know it. And of course - it's horrible I have "this gift" and I don't "share it".

I also wish I could say it was just as simple as that. But we live in a multilayer universe on a polarity planet and it's it's just not. It's not. So the last thing I'll say under the guise of the SCORPIO FULL MOON ECLIPSE vibes....

Big internal calling to letting go of emotions/patterns/stuff: did I say thanks for coming......?

The last thing I'll say is

I used to get so upset when people would call me dark or associate me with "darkness". It really was hard for me (sometimes still is) to swallow. But as the moon and the tide & times is have it, I get it now. The darkness. Fuck.

Just fucking fuck.

I need to be clear about something moving forward,

Your demons also don't scare me.

And yes, that's the shit coming in. Thank the universe for cats.

Eclipsing some shit out and inviting you to dance in the darkness with a flashlight weaved from courage and light. If you need to find one, click the link above and dance it closer. Ladies and gentleman, GET THE FEELINGS OFF OF YOU.

All of them.

UP and out.

Scream into a pillow, burn a letter meant for your ex, wash the funkditty funk off you - do the things you need to do with no harm to you or anyone preferably in a safe, non judgmental space - Full moon circle tomorrow. May end up being online. DM TO RSVP.

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