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I Love Cancel Culture.

I do.

What a huge testament to the chaos and irony of our bullshit and new age bullshit to boot.

Ultimately cancel culture is a mirror of our own rejection both personally and collectively plus the fear & all the accoutrements that are entangled in a rejection process.

Cancel culture is a 3D deprogramming tool and I love watching people spin out over it especially people who claim to be spiritual 5D or above because disclosure is disarming. For the last few years we've been indoctrinated into the narcissistic personality disorder for one reason or another. I have theories but that's another blog. We've been meme'd to do death on social platforms from all corners of the new age movement about empaths being hijacked by narcissists, how to escape, recover and draw boundaries for and around them. Self care and self love are hands down beautiful side journeys from the narcissist's main character vibes and I can't wait till the movie is all about them....(hint, it's still not but we're making progress). Now that (most) everyone has become aware of the Narcissist energy dynamic the paradigm shiftedon larger levels - like we're not just 'cutting out' the drama or 'vampires' in our own life, they are being eradicated on mass "insta" scales and it's glorious to see the money and likes evaporate because in the's all a grand illusion. Am I right? On one hand, you have the spiritual 'guru's on their Age of Aquarius soap boxes proselytizing and making money on drawing deep and hard boundaries because of the narcissistic/empath dynamic for the last decade (self love side show in here too) & on the other hand a bouquet of those people (& their subs) are kicking and screaming about cancel culture because they have been asked to look at their own role in that dynamic in real time.

The Rub? THE AGE OF AQUARIUS IS IS THE AGE OF INFORMATION. Cancel culture is a marketing term coined by the very people, pissed off that someone exposed their dirt. If you're mad about it and you don't see the blessed, hilarious irony in it then I'm pretty sure you're still living in 2D with 3D glasses hoping to burn sage in order to see shit in the 8th dimension.

And that's ok. You know? You being rubbed by cancel culture is a wake up call all on it's own. Just stop kicking and screaming. It pulled you in why? What's really your why? You're healing starts in the uncomfortable parts. Narcissist have the ability to change and heal just as much as empaths do. If not, then they may be a demon or something else... .....HOWEVER...... In the polarity planet to which we reside. Every action and energy has an equal and opposite action and energy.

Dun Dun

Dah. So that means: we are also swimming in a god damn plethora of DISINFORMATION. And I want to be very clear about that. If you feel that you or your guru is under a disinformation attack here are some ways to work through and with that "energy". (As you are reading the following - please keep - POLARITY - in mind - BIG picture).

1) The most convincing lies are couched within a cushion of truths. Acknowledge the parts the disinformants get right. If X is at the center of the disinformation campaign is indeed guilty of any wrongdoing, admit it. Confessing mistakes builds credibility. Peace is restored quicker when (*all parties) admit to contributing to the problem.

2) False narratives must be corrected using evidence. Data alone is insufficient to win in the court of public opinion. But people are also largely influenced by emotion. It's psychologically easier for us to believe in likable people.

3) Reveal the motivation. Disinformation campaigns can create chaos for the sake of creating chaos, most have a goal in mind motivated by power or money. Determine what is driving the disinformants and then expose them.

4) Perform an "accusation audit." (This is a great term coined by Chris Voss, author of the book Never Split the Difference.) Whatever you say in response to a disinformation campaign, be assured that the disinformants will fire back. The best way to prepare is to anticipate what the campaigners will accuse you of and have answers prepared. If you're feeling particularly bold, publicly state in advance what the disinformants might say next.

5) Stay cool, calm, and collected. It's natural to be angry no, enraged when somebody is lying about you, your friend/family, organization or your yoga teacher. But it's also difficult to believe somebody -- even when 100% correct -- if they are are shouting or name-calling. 6) Mediate. You can and will rise above all the narratives - all - of - them - by sitting in a space of neutrality which gives you access to info on both sides of cancel culture or a disinformation campaign. It also leaves your heart expansive with no need to be right or having a stake in a fight which is a distraction from your higher path.

Meditation on the Deck at High Street. There's this awesome entrance now from the road with a waterfall! Come rise above cancel culture -6pm Wednesday June 9th. The entire summer schedule is on the home page of my website.

I hope your well. If cancel culture has your panties in a bunch - I see and feel what you are going through. It's a process and I hope these words were helpful to release your grip on it. ALL MY LOVE,


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