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I feel beauty & love when I create.

R3 is genuinely a labor of love. LOVE.

And you know that something is a labor of love when it always brings you back to yourself. Me getting back to me, you reaching back to you - through rest, through creative spirit through love - this is how I've designed next weeks retreat. It is spread out over a handful of days over the last summer, super moon in Aquarius. You get to choose which yoga classes, or workshops you want to participate in. No one is commanding you in 'have to's' or telling you that the upgrade, or transmission of the thing won't work if you don't go all in.

I've been to those kinds of things in the past and they are fucking nonsense. So next week, it's a little R&R in community. And no joke, going inwards in community just so happens to be in alignment with what's going on astrologically. I vote that we honor all that and ourselves in this thing that we're all experiencing together- this holy life. Dig? All events are located at the High Street Guest House in Jim Thorpe, PA and are listed in full detail and cost here. If you'd like financial assistance, or you'd like to sponsor someone else's experience, please email me at

Finally, I want to introduce you to my dear friend & owner of High Street Guest House: Jeff. Jeff spent 20 years as a professional emergency manager (FEMA) before leaving it behind to pursue his true passion in Jim Thorpe, which is High Street Guesthouse. And you can see his love for it in every single nuanced detail. After experiencing years of work-travel in sterilized, mass produced hotel rooms, the idea for creating a health conscious, environmentally friendly, healing and artistic lodging environment with access to outdoor yoga and meditation spaces was born in his heart. Jeff is not only an artist and visionary in this regard but he is the cornerstone of our creative community. And yes, it feels like love. So our collective time out in Jeff's amazing place starts soon. I hope to share some of it with you. All my love,


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