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Happy New Year Witches

To those before, to those after, to those now -seen and unseen, here and not here (TY Midnight Club)

hail and welcome.

My loves, my heart - it's the most wonderful time of the year Samhain. The veil thinned, the leaves proudly grace the ground and the night holds songs of the future to be met with the now. Depth of life, drink it in with the crisp autumn wind. Reflect on this last year, who you were, who you are in this moment and who you will become in the months and days ahead.

Light a candle. Light a few.

Have a dumb supper. Leave a plate and seat open.

Write love letters to those in the unseen.

Hail and welcome.

Speak to your ancestors who are spiritually in alignment with you, ready to speak back;

What stories or secrets do they want you to know? What do they want you to know about your lineage on both your mom and your dad's side? What are you supposed to heal for and with them? What gifts have or are they bestowing upon you to help you get that done now?

What friends will you call out to? Which are calling out to you? What songs will they play for you to dance to on the radio or vice versa? Play it loud. Let it and them move through you. MOVE. Beckon your higher self and your higher power. Make a pleasurable offering. Make it colorful and loud. Make it small and humble - just make it. Offer up your thanks, hold your wishes at the back of your tongue - it's not time. Tell stories to your children of those who made life worth living, who lived so hard so that you could pause and breathe here too. This is a high holy time. There's enough chaos any other day to put it away and listen to the whispers, to tune into the earth's pulse.

The ether is filled with familiar, far away faces, not just masked ones.

Make it sacred.

Make it sacred.

Make it sacred.

So mote it be. Blessed be.

All, my glittery lovely, love. - M

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