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Covid is on the rise again. There is no denying it. It's important to not only be responsible physically but energetically as well. And let's face it, it's flu and allergy season as well on top of the pandemic. There's a lot going on yeah? So when one of part of our system is out of whack, we must do what we can to realign ourselves. Beyond proper hydration, beyond eating well, in addition to meditation and ample rest I want to offer you some beautiful energy work to keep you balanced and flowing. Heatlh & Wellness Medicine Bag. You'll need: A small drawstring bag or cloth you can turn into a bag/holder. Ginko Life everlasting Sunflower (seeds or dried flower) hematite (or a fossil) for additional strength. Place contents in the bag. Get yourself into a meditative frame of mind. Chant repeatedly into the bag: SANITAS (this is latin for HEALTH) Energy will flow and radiate from the medicine bag per your intention and focus. +Recharging it in this exact same way, regularly will keep its energy up. +A Medicine bag such as this will help you keep your own health and wellness and aid you in all of your self healing work. +Keep the bag close to your person like in a pocket or purse or even under your pillow so you are frequently in it's presence. It's been a great pleasure bringing you these white magic spells in one of the toughest, noisiest, chaotic energy vortexes of 2020. I am always here for you to lean in on. I'm happy to give you a consultation in terms of working together. Just ask. I hope you are both happy and well. You are more powerful than you know. XO - MG


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