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Divination Exercise. (This weeks tarot)

What is your question, issue, doubt, difficulty?

That's what my sixth grade teacher used to ask.

Think of ONE.

Focus on the image below.

Choose ONE card. Let's go.


One card.

Here's the reveal.

Left to right.... The Hanged One. You know, sometimes you have to put everything on hold before you can take the next step or it will be done for you. It's the holiday season. Ask yourself is this a December 2022 problem or a January 2023 one? Pay attention the pause. Don't force ANYTHING. Allow for time and space to work their own magic.

Strength This card draws a firm line on how you show up for yourself and the world - on the inside - not the outside. It calls for mature response. Requires you to own your personal power. And to employ strong will and determination with quiet influence and not outward excessive force.

Six of Pentacles

You give generously even if you are not financially wealthy, you offer up your time, energy, love and support to those who are in need. Giving of your time or your wisdom is often just as spiritually fulfilling as giving away money or gifts, and the intangible gift of your presence is received just as well, if not better. There may be times when you wonder if you can truly afford to give generously to others – and the wise advice of the Six of Pentacles is to trust that every contribution you make is valued and will come back to you threefold.

And there you have it. How'd you do? I wish you a great week, one filled with magic and discernment. XO - M

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