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The Magic of Shielding

If your empathic on any level, it's very easy to feel drained and exhausted from the collective consciousness, from protesting in a crowd or just by lending your energy to a friend or family member who really needs a lot of it right now. Let me teach you or politely remind you The Magic of SHIELDING. You need to put yourself into a meditative state for this to work. Once you are relaxed, you will begin building your shields, letting your own intuition guide you in choosing their shape and form. Mine is a blue bubble that extends about four feet out from my heart space and absorbs stray emotional energy not only from others but also from me so that I do not project my emotional state whatever it is on any one else. Really focus on your shield. Make it as strong as you can, again - any color or shape that suits your needs. Finally fix a gesture in your mind as an automatic trigger for putting the shields up. For ex; placing your left hand over your heart or tugging your earlobe, putting your fingers into a mudra that connects you to it - anything small and not to obvious to others. If you'd like to bump up the work by adding a protective mantra of your choice please feel free to do so. Make this your own. It's your magic. You are more powerful that you know! Bring yourself out of the meditative state and it is done. Next time you are in a draining environment (work, the grocery store, etc) just use your trigger and invoke the power of your shields. This beautiful white light magic will get better with practice and I promise, it works. XO - M

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