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Breath, Your Guides & Your Legacy

Updated: May 18, 2021

A lot of what I am doing/creating now is themed around legacy. What do I want mine to be post Covid, post physic work? Post being thirty something....

A friend phoned me this weekend saying she had set a reminder to call me on "this day" way back in January of this year, because (in January) she got a prompt to share with me while she was meditating and this day....was key. At first, I paused, took a deep breath and asked my higher ups, what does spirit want me to know? I exhaled, walked back in time with her, and together, we figured it out. It was a pretty pertinent message; a marker in regards to a story I'm writing, IRL now, what happened on that particular day May 14th, 1999 was/ is the final scene and I have yet to flush it out because of the emotional weight of it all. Access to spirit guides has greatly assisted me during this ever creative, transitional time. Access to spirit and intuituion is necessary. Allowing yourself the space to receive messages is also an important yet discerning factor. CONTEXT of delivery also matters. Right? Had this particular friend & I not been close, had she been some rando person calling me out of the blue, I don't know that I'd have taken the message into consideration at all. And it has happened before. Someone I never met text me a few years back to say she received messages I was the second coming of Mary Magdalene because Jesus revealed this to her in a dream. (That's the short version). Another woman I'd never met walked into my shop to say she dreamt I was in danger & she was to protect me. So context and delivery matters......right? Don't get me wrong, messages from spirit are abound but in my experience, so is disinformation, chaos energy, some interesting planetary happenings and other people's ...well, stuff. (I know it's been but it's not any less real right now).

When thinking about who you are and how you are creating your legacy, it's important that your intuitive filter, your discernment, your messages are trustworthy and that your intuition is not being corrupted by outside projection or agenda. There are planetary alignments upping your psychic input right now and there are also conjunctions and trines ramping up misunderstanding, gossip and questionable intel. (check out the astrology here). Having a 'bestie' type relationship with your own spirit guides leads to better discernment in any and all situations like this and beyond. And sure, somethings that happen to you, you may say - shit, why did my guides tell me this if - X happened. There in lies a hidden lesson in the beauty of experience (and yes, sometimes painful experience too).

Back to my friend hanging on the other end of the line - after delivering the prompt to me - she then asked why I was going to teach meditation again because she thought I was as I had previously stated "done with all that". She's right. I did say that especially when I felt so broken into a million and seven pieces after Covid. But spirit has since tapped me on the shoulder and noted that breath - is and was the thing that saved me, and that's the gift I can and should keep giving to others...the respect and power & magic of their own empowered breath. Because if covid taught us (& me) anything it's - Not being able to breath is a big fucking deal. Having to be on oxygen is a big fucking deal. Not having access to O2 is also a really huge deal. (SIDENOTE:) My lungs are fully healed per a recent x ray and that's celebratory.

Meditation and breath work got me here and has kept the door open for heightened connectedness and guidance.

So with life, let's breath -inhale- celebrate - exhale - everything. You & me - we're nothing without your breath. How you breathe is how your entire body gets on throughout your day, deeply or shallowly. Breath is creativity, it's the baseline of prayer, the essence of life. Breathing is also key when someone imparts info upon you - they received from spirit and allows you to process that info accordingly.

Breath is your foundation, and the key to a beautiful legacy.

There will be a bi-weekly breath work and meditation gathering happening in on 'The Deck' of the High Street Guest House. This will be a donation based opportunity (12x). You will learn unconventional ways to actively meditate and variations on breath that can come in handy in these wild times and as a glorious but important side effect, you'll have a deeper relationship with your inner GPS & your team of guides.

It starts Wednesday May 26th at 6pm.

Thanks for still being here. Thanks for being you. All my love. MG

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