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Blessed Solstice to you.

Litha - the longest day of the year.

I have no fancy spell work or ritual to offer today other than a simple ask: Can you count your blessings with each waking minute of this high holy day? Can you give gratitude over every sip of delicious beverage or any beverage, every morsel of nourishment you put in your mouth for your body to intake?

Can you offer up praise to forces in the unseen that keep you and your family healthy and safe? Can you look in the mirror and say thank you?

There's so much magic in that. I've been in and out of reality- dealing with my father's diminishing health the past seven months. I'm semi present TBH trying my best to cover my family with assistance from the ancestors. It's been grueling work & my heart is on red alert at all times for layers or reasons. Please be good to yourself and to the people that you have in your life (whether you like them or not) this world trip is a short and can be cruel in its final moments. Sending you SUMMER SOLSTICE love and blessings from Broadway,


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