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Beltane Sound Bath & Early Bird$ Summer Retreat.

May 1st, on the deck will be a very special Beltane experience - a forest- sound bath & guided meditation. If you haven't experienced one of Taryn's Sound baths before or have and have had the most cosmic experience and can't wait to do it again, this is your moment. The deck will be adorned with flowers, sandalwood incense & since it's a sacred holiday and there will be a campfire if the weather is right. Limited spots. First come first serve. RSVP/ $50 via Venmo @Michelle-Gallagher-18 And now, I'm so excited to tell YOU my inner circle only that early bird locals & inner circle only - pricing is up for the Summer retreat. 3 rooms have already been booked before I've even announced the hosts, so please make sure you take advantage of this limited time pricing because it's only till March 15th. Who are the hosts? Jason Brown is back! This year he's diving deep into the creative art space with us. His workshops will focus not only on play but also creative art and Tai Chi. Rachel Joyce from Living Temple Yoga will be teaching morning yoga classes. Kara Edmonds will be presenting Tantric Asana workshop Taryn will be providing our sound/forest bathing again, & I'll be holding space for all the meditation and fire ceremony as well as hosting a new moon ritual that will have you blending your own intentional scent with Conjured Soap Company. This years is going to be really, really special. Who's in? Here's a link to info & rooms available through host Jeff of The High Street Guest House. Oh and new to this years overnight stays is Apartment I. If you gather yourself and 3 friends - and split that room it works out to $250 for the weekend per person. Where else are you going to get an experience like this for that little? Ok, I've got to run off and make Solstice candles now....stay tuned. I hope you're having a great weekend and I can't wait to spend time with you the deck! XO Michelle

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