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Beauty, creativity, love & magic

Beauty, creativity, love & magic. -my intention every new moon since the beginning of this year. To create more of each and live them in a way that speaks loudly to others. Beauty - Magic Hour. May 1st, I've teamed up with one of my closest friends, Lisa Gaugler of The Driesbach House to bring you online trunk show filled with outfits adorned with magical talismans, shoes, hats & more all blessed in Beltane magic with the intentions of abundance, protection & high vibes. It's something I've wanted to do for quite some time and now get to. Please follow along on instagram for announcements & sneak peaks @VenusRisingPresents

Creativity I'm so happy to be back at it - on the Orphic Frequency Podcast. So far every interview has been intriguing and eye opening. Have you heard the first two episodes yet? What do you think? I'm also really trilled to host the Witches High Tea again this Samhain. This year it's Practically Magic! with Midnight Margaritas & Chocolate Cake for breakfast. See what I've conjured up so Love Rest, Recharge. Retreat. 3 R's we all need quantum heaps of each right now enveloped in nothing but LOVE right? August 13-15th hold's the space and container that Venus Rising is forming for all of this - for you . Just some lovely Your and lots of breath work, meditation and moments of silence. Details here. Magic. Beltane Candles. There are a limited few on preorder left. $11 local pick up. $15 shipped. Scented with Frankincense for clearing the air and space in your home and welcome abundance. RSVP by emailing me - at First come first serve/til I'm out of supplies. I LOVE making these for you!

My head and my heart also want to thank you for your continued kind notes, your thoughts and your messages. My health is on the up and so is the gratitude in my heart. I don't know how else to describe the feeling I have within me other than joy. I am filled with JOY and I am so thankful to be here among you, creating, breathing, loving and continuing to make more magic- with you. XOXO M

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