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Banish Threatening Energy

Elephant in the room. We all feel squeezed with the upcoming election and the escalating division. I'm going to be putting out some energetic work this week to help you relax and stay safe. If you feel threatened by another person or an energy - it's a good idea to work with that energy itself rather than take the typical 3D

response of either backing off in fear or countering with aggression. What you can and should do instead is venture to protect YOU and your energy. Chew a small piece of ginger root. As you taste the unique, spicy flavor, meditate on the issue(s) you are having with the said person or persons. Recall to mind their words, actions, intentions and the energy they've projected on to you. After you feel like you are finished visualizing and you've chewed up all the root, step outside and face the direction of the person - for example - if the person lives across town, face that direction. If the person lives across the country - face that direction. If they live WITH you, face the house. Close your eyes and spit the ginger in that direction. Declare within or out loud: Conflict eased, threat eased.

In this mind, there's only peace. And so it is.

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