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A Clearing For Inner Peace

Need: Salt (preferably sea salt) An ethically sourced palo Santo stick, sandalwood stick, sage bundle or rosemary bundle

A clear quartz (preferably in pendant form but any will do)

Begin with MOVEMENT. At least 30-40 minutes. During your regimen repeat this spell - It is safe to still my mind

and relax any tension inside me.

If you're mind goes other places, gently return to the mantra. Next: Relax in a sea salt bath as hot/warm as you can comfortably stand. After you dry off, light your clearing bundle of choice, and move it around your person and aura to purify your energy with the smoke. Say internally or aloud: I bless myself in pure love and light. I bless myself in purified source energy.

And I ask (God, Goddess, etc al) now to remove any negative thought forms, patterns or frequencies that are not aligned in my highest good across all time, space dimension and reality. I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe and protected I am whole. And so it is. (you can repeat this prayer when you put on moisturizer &/or get dressed).

Meditate with the quartz in your right hand before bed or directly after your bath. If your monkey mind creeps in, use this mantra: My energy is clean and clear. I am peaceful through and through, Keep the quartz under your pillow or on your person as a protective amulet. ++ Please drink plenty of water. Every mantra included in this work can be said into the water itself to infuse it with your intention and magic so that it also works from inside you on a molecular level++ All my love,


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