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A Card Pull For The Full Moon.

What does life want you to know right now? What does the full moon, the universe and all of the invisible realm want you to know right now?

Deep breath. It's just one card.

It's for me, for you, for all of us....

Wait for it.








: :


At the heart of this moon is the warrior, that to which has no leader, not any of those that are present on the physical realm anyway. And those in the ether, can we even rely on them at this point? Most spiritual practitioners will say yes, call on them! Call on them now! But in this particular moment, at this juxtaposition of time - dare I say - we're the one's with boots on the ground now and we've got ourselves and what is right in front of us to look after.

This week, individually and collectively the witch wound throbs. The wound of the collective feminine throbs. It's palpable. It penetrates those of us who identify even those of us who don't - because as a woman in the now - it's bringing all of the things we have not said or dealt with to a place of vulnerability and light. There is not a corner of the earth (even within the confines of our hearts) in which this is not true. Whooooosh.

Regardless of the inner knowing or of the astrology outside tonights full moon (have you seen it?) please - know this - time and again our own inner, sacred sanctum- our heart - is the portal that links us to the divine. When we dive deeply through the you and me of our human experience across all spectrum of emotion to gather all of our parts and claim them as whole again. We realize - that this is what we must to become whole again - at all costs. Get our shit together for ourselves. Oxygen mask first, salve on our scrapes, sutures in hand. Gather toward your inner fire and offer it wood chips of lessons learned. All for clarity in the offering to wash over you. The smoke will signal you forward. TRUST YOURSELF.

Now is boundary work. Now is calling in protection or just making sure you are protected.

Feed your creative muse. LIKE ALOT.

Dress yourself in Venusian glamour.

Step deeply into your truth. Walk in a manner that holds you in your power.

Here is a barrage of images floating around my brain that I want to share with you. #MOODBOARD.

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