Meet Michelle 

Michelle’s powerful, heart -centered prayers have been sought after as refuge because they strike a chord that reflect love from the divine and spirit world in our material realm.
She reminds you of the light in the darkness. Her intention in
service is to include you in the opportunity to see and make miracles not just for yourself but for the collective’s happiness & healing. Her vision & direction will not just help elevate you, but will also lift the planet.

For over a decade, Michelle walks between worlds as a spirit medium, Universal Minister, organizer, transformation & peace activist.  She founded The White Light Army & Venus Rising, teaches esoterica, yoga & meditation. Michelle received a certificate of religious literacy from Harvard, mentored with James Van Praagh, studied with Martin Twycross, Guru Jagat & Tej Kalsa. 


Michelle will not only aid you in creating the best prayer and sacred devotion in your life for quantum changes, she'll become the vessel to amplify and elevate the petition for you through multiple timelines, dimensions and ancestral lineages using ageless wisdom and ancient practices.


A portion of your payment will support Clean Water Fund and RAICES. 

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